Tata Motors Spent Rs 23.7 Crore On CSR Activities In FY22

Tata Motors spent a total of Rs 23.7 crore on CSR activities in FY22 as against Rs 23.9 crore a year ago, according to the company’s annual CSR report.

Of this, a maximum of Rs 8.49 crore was spent on education initiative and the least Rs 1.23 crore on environment-related activities, the report said.

The company’s standalone revenue from operations in FY22 rose 56.63 per cent to Rs 47, 263.68 crore from Rs 30,175.03 crore in the previous fiscal.

It reported lower standalone loss at Rs 1,390.86 crore during the year ended March 31, 2022 as against a standalone loss of Rs 2,395.44 crore in FY21.

In the last six years (2016-17 to 2021-22) Tata Motors has spent a total of Rs 140.2 crore on CSR activities, with FY17 witnessing the highest spending at Rs 25.9 crore and FY18 the lowest at Rs 21.4 crore.

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