On Polling Day, Delhi Voters To Get Free Ride On Bike Taxis From Booths To Their Homes

The Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi has tied up with a bike taxi company under which eligible voters will be provided a free ride from the polling booths to their homes on voting day.

As Delhi prepares for Lok Sabha polling day on May 25, the collaboration between the office of Delhi Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and Rapido aims to address transportation barriers and encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote, said a statement by the Delhi CEO’s office.

As per the arrangement with Rapido, eligible voters in Delhi will be provided with an option to avail a free of charge ride from the polling booths to their home on the day of voting.

On the day of polling, voters after casting their vote can conveniently book and avail a complimentary bike ride using the Rapido app. A dedicated rider will pick up the elector from the polling station and ensure their safe return to home, the statement said.

Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi P. Krishnamurthy said, “By offering option of free bike rides on the polling day, we aim to ensure ease of voting experience and to encourage citizens to exercise their vote and contribute to the democratic process. Every vote counts and it is essential to ensure that every eligible voter can cast their vote without hindrance.”

Rapido has a pool of eight lakh bike drivers in Delhi with a subscriber base of 80 lakh. The availability of bike riders across Delhi will be facilitated and ensured at the designated polling booths, the statement said.

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