Chandigarh’s Traffic Revolution, Rapido Emerges As First Licensed Bike Taxis & Autos Aggregator

30,000 Bike Taxi and Auto Captains already hitting the streets.

In a landmark move in the transport landscape, Rapido has been bestowed with the honor of being Chandigarh’s inaugural licensed aggregator for Bike Taxis and Auto Rickshaws by the Chandigarh Authority. This groundbreaking decision is poised to revolutionize commuting in the city, tackling traffic congestion head-on and providing a lifeline of employment opportunities.

Rapido presently leads the roads with 30,000 bike taxis and auto captains, completing a notable number of rides daily. The platform sees a consistent rise in new captain registrations monthly, indicating a rising demand for diverse job opportunities. Responding to this trend, Rapido aims to add 20,000 captains in the next six months, strengthening its market presence.

Rapido, the undisputed leader in the commuting app realm and a job creation powerhouse, generating approximately 1.8 lakh jobs per month, has solidified a robust alliance with the Chandigarh Authority. The commitment is evident—Rapido aims to serve as the solution to the city’s traffic nightmares and unemployment crises.

Chandigarh, renowned for its meticulous urban planning, has yet again demonstrated its commitment to its residents by granting a license to the nation’s premier bike taxi aggregator and the sole disruptor in the traffic solution arena.

From its inception, Rapido has aimed to enhance accessibility, affordability, and employment prospects, cementing its status as a pivotal player in Chandigarh’s commuting ecosystem.

Pavan Guntupalli, Co-Founder of Rapido, exclaimed, “Rapido, designed to meet societal needs, facilitates around 1.5 million daily rides nationwide on bikes and autos. We commend the Chandigarh Administration for leading in forward-thinking city transport. As the exclusive licensee for Bike Taxis and Autos in Chandigarh, we’re proud to pave the way for local job opportunities. Our strategic move aims to provide affordable commuting benefits while creating employment for gig workers in the city.”

Rapido holds a unique distinction in the market, securing licenses in both the bike taxi and auto segments. Beyond being a ride service, Rapido is a catalyst for job creation, empowering over 1,00,000 local captains with a steady income source. This initiative aligns with Rapido’s vision of fostering economic empowerment by expanding earning opportunities locally.

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