Rapido Recognizes Its Jodhpur Captains To Celebrate Their Successes And Salute Their Growth Mindset

Rapido, India’s leading commute app, marked a significant milestone with the introduction of Rewards & Recognition ceremony in Jodhpur, honoring the dedication and exceptional contributions of its captains to the company’s growth. The RnR event, held in Jodhpur, brought together a remarkable gathering of over 200 captains, showcasing the profound impact they have had on Rapido’s success.

The event commenced with an awards presentation, followed by engaging game activities. Captains, in heartfelt accounts, shared the challenges they faced and how Rapido played a crucial role in overcoming financial losses and low earnings, providing a stable source of income. Alongside notable awards, practical gifts were conferred which included microwaves, smartwatches, power banks, wireless earphones, and valuable petrol vouchers. This gesture not only celebrated their achievements but also conveyed sincere appreciation for the pivotal role captains play in shaping Rapido’s success.

Pavan Guntupalli, Co-Founder of Rapido, said, “Our captains’ well-being and growth are our top priorities. We are glad to share that Rapido became the means for many captains to see through their financial challenges by providing a steadfast source of income. These initiatives underscore our commitment to fostering a secure and dependable journey for our dedicated captains.”

The Jodhpur Rewards and Recognition event not only celebrated achievements but also served as a platform for networking and growth opportunities for captains who have been the driving force behind Rapido’s success. Future captain-centric initiatives are already in the pipeline, designed to further empower its captains and enhance their overall experience.

Rapido continues to revolutionize the commute industry, and this inaugural Jodhpur event is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to recognizing and appreciating the integral role played by its captains.

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