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TATA STUDi Tells You ‘Padhne Ka Sahi Tareeka’ Through A Marketing Campaign

Tata ClassEdge (TCE) has launched a marketing campaign ‘Padhne Ka Sahi Tareeka’ around its after-school learning app TATA STUDi. First introduced in early 2021, Tata Studi, is designed around the principles of Science of Learning – a multidisciplinary approach that combines research from neuroscience, psychology and cognitive science.

The campaign ‘Padhne Ka Sahi Tareeka’ focuses on the correct way to learn – which means to plan one’s studies efficiently and follow up this plan with consistent revision and practice. The campaign is based on insights drawn from how invested parents are in the studies of their children. To ensure their child’s success, parents undergo immense stress and ends up pressuring the child as well. True success depends on effective planning and not undue pressure.

With this insight, the thought of ‘Pressure Nahi, Plan’ was born. Through a series of films, the campaign conveys the point that planning their studies will help students to be better prepared, avoid anxiety and perform well in their exams. The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Mullen India.

Watch The Video Campaign Here:

Since its first introduction, Tata Studi has been greatly appreciated by students and parents for its design, content and adaptive Study Planner, a unique feature of this app. The Study Planner helps students define learning goals and plan their studies according to their convenience. With this initial success, Tata Studi now plans to increase its awareness and reach through a multichannel marketing campaign.

Commenting on the partnering with Mullen Lintas, Sachin Torne, Chief, B2C, Tata ClassEdge said, “Tata Studi is an education product based on the principles of ‘Science of Learning’. We want children to plan their studies and learn for understanding, so that they can use their learning in real life. Planning for any activity helps reduce pressure and it is true even for studying. Through Tata Studi, we want to inculcate good learning habits in students. Once the child learns how to learn, it’s a skill that will stay with them for life.  Lintas impressed us with their knowledge of the EdTech segment and creativity in understanding our value proposition accurately. We welcome Lintas as our brand partners for Tata Studi.”

Commenting on the partnership, Azazul Haque & Garima Khandelwal, Chief Creative Officers, Mullen Lintas, said, “The category is flooded with multiple brands, so the idea was to create clutter-breaking work that’s also insightful and relevant to parents and students. The insight of how parents put pressure on children unknowingly, especially when exams are around, sounded fresh and also gave us an opportunity to tell stories that parents can connect to. The idea – ‘Pressure Nahi, Plan’ – also puts the key differentiator benefit of Tata Studi, which is to plan one’s studies to reduce last-minute exam stress, right at the centre of the campaign.”

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