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ICICIdirect cautions its customers on fake research reports using its name

Brokerage firm ICICIdirect has issued an official statement to caution investors about fake research reports. The statement suggests investors excise abundant caution in making their investment decisions based on such fake research reports. Here is the official statement from the brokerage firm about fake research reports:

“It has come to our notice that fake research reports in the name of ICICIdirect is being circulated in the market to mislead gullible investors in making inappropriate investment decisions. These reports are following the same design template as our official reports, and / or infringing our trademark, thereby making it tough for the investors to differentiate.

While we are taking necessary actions with the help of authorities to trace the origin and take down these reports being posted on some websites, investors are also advised to excise abundant caution in making their investment decisions based on reports whose origin may be of suspect.

ICICIdirect reports are available to its clients at no extra cost on www.icicidirect.com for its customers and investors are advised not to trust reports received from unknown and dubious sources.

ICICIdirect’s research team is amongst the most reputed and strongest on the street, tracking over 350 companies.”

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