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Budget Expectations 2022-Max India Foundation

In the time of pandemic due to Corona Virus, Union Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman will present Budget 2022 on 1st February. The corporate world has some expectations attached.

Ms. Tara Singh Vachani – Managing Trustee – Max India Foundation 2.0 expresses, “During the challenging times of COVID-19, children have been forced to grow up at a pace faster than their previous generations. Owing to constant unpredictable circumstances such as the adoption of, and adaptation to, digital media, ambiguity around educational institutions opening and shutting down, children have undergone mental turmoil. Further, there exists a gulf between the number of children pursuing education in India and the resources available to them. Our aim must be to reduce this gap from widening – through alternative and immersive education models such as social-emotional learning – and offer equal opportunities to each child to enable society to realize its full potential.”

Given the fact that the budgetary allocation towards the education sector was reduced to Rs 93,224 crore for 2021-22 from Rs 99,312 crore 2020-21 (also less than the allocation made in 2019-20), a higher allocation towards the education sector this year is vital for further prioritizing the early-stage development of children and catalyzing innovation within the existing pedagogical methods. By taking such pertinent steps, we can mold a population, making them ready for unprecedented situations, and dealing with them in an effective manner.” She concludes.

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