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Tata Starbucks Gears Up For The Next Wave Of Expansion With An Exciting New Beverage and Food Menu

TATA Starbucks Pvt. Ltd. today announced a range of new offerings to customers across its more than 341 Starbucks stores in India, including an exciting lineup of locally inspired new beverages, a completely refreshed food menu selection, and new small cup size ‘Picco’. As TATA Starbucks opens 71 stores in F23 taking its total store count to 341 in 43 cities, the new product offerings demonstrate TATA Starbucks’ long-term investment to the growth of one of its fastest-growing markets and its commitment to deliver the signature Starbucks experience in ways that best connects with India’s customers.

The expansion of the new offerings nationwide follows TATA Starbucks’ successful trial of localized menus in Bengaluru, Bhopal, Gurgaon, and Indore in July last year, which was met with positive feedback from customers.

“We have had a great year in F23 with strong revenues and are now present in 43 cities of India. As we expand our presence in Tier 2 and 3 cities, we need to become a more familiar and accessible brand for our consumers. Our pilot where we introduced a range of familiar beverages and a revamped food menu yielded fantastic results from both new and existing customers, which gave us the confidence to expand and go national. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to our vision of being the coffee destination of choice for customers in India. Our unwavering commitment to delivering personalized experiences has propelled Starbucks to become one of the most loved brands in India. We recently celebrated 10 years of TATA Starbucks, and as we gear up for the next stage of growth in India, we continue to look at ways to elevate the Starbucks experience for customers in India, “said Sushant Dash, CEO, TATA Starbucks Pvt Ltd.

The new offerings have been launched and are headlined by a series of Indian-inspired new beverages including the delicious South Indian Filter Coffee, Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai, and a range of exciting Signature Milkshakes. Customers seeking delicious food alongside their favorite beverages will also be able to enjoy a new food selection featuring bite-sized snacks, shareable food such as Hazelnut Triangle, Chicken Puffin, and Chocolate Éclair. The new food menu also offers a range of freshly assembled sandwiches that are inspired by the local cultural taste and regional favorites such as the Tandoori Chicken Panini Sandwich, Spiced Cottage Cheese Focaccia Sandwich, Herbed Chicken Focaccia Sandwich and more. For first time coffee drinkers and customers new to Starbucks, the new 6oz small cup size ‘Picco’ offered in 6 hot beverages including Cappuccino, Latte, Filter Coffee, Masala Chai, Elaichi Chai and Hot Chocolate, is the perfect option to kick start their Starbucks journey.

The exciting new beverages and food items are offered in the prices below:

  • The all-new Filter Coffee, Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai. Starting at INR 185*
  • The Signature Milkshakes. Available in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavors. Starting at INR 275*
  • Bite-sized and shareable food items including Hazelnut Triangle, Chicken Puffin, Chocolate Éclair. Starting at INR 160*
  • Freshly assembled sandwiches including the Spiced Cottage Cheese Focaccia Sandwich, Herbed Chicken Focaccia Sandwich, and the Tandoori Chicken Panini Sandwich. Starting at INR 380*
  • ‘Picco’ size cup of Cappuccino, Latte, Signature Hot Chocolate, Elaichi Chai, Masala Chai, Filter coffee starting at INR 185*

*Product prices vary by city and store type, T&C Apply

The announcement also marks the national launch of the brand’s new campaign – #ItStartsWithYourName. The campaign celebrates the spirit of connection, warmth and personalization that welcomes everyone as soon as they step into a Starbucks store and makes them feel at home. It celebrates the love that binds together families in India.

Since entering the Indian market in 2012, TATA Starbucks now operates more than 341 stores across 43 cities with over 3,800 partners (employees) who proudly wear the green apron, serving more than 400,000 customers in India every week.

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