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WardWizard Innovations Sales Jump Over 13-Fold In February

WardWizard Innovations and Mobility which sells a range of electric two-wheelers under the Joy e-bike brand on Wednesday said it has sold 4,450 units in February.

The company had sold 320 vehicles in the same month of the last year.

The Gujarat-based EV maker said the dispatches last month were the highest in the company’s history so far.

“With the launch of two new high-speed e-scooters and a fleet management vehicle, the Joy e-bike has become one of the most preferred EV brands in the country and this makes us immensely proud and responsible.

“The overwhelming response across the country has helped us in achieving a new sales record in February,” WardWizard Innovations and Mobility COO Sheetal Bhalerao said in a statement.

As the fastest-growing EV brand, the company is focused on bringing advanced products and expanding the touchpoints to strengthen its market presence, he added.

The company currently has established its footprint in over 25 major cities in the country.

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