Tata Motors unveils 21 commercial vehicles for cargo, passenger verticals

Tata Motors on Thursday unveiled 21 new commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, to cater to evolving needs of cargo and people transport across segments.

The company has unveiled seven products in the medium and heavy commercial vehicles (M&HCV) segment and five products in the intermediate and light commercial segment (4-18 tonne GVW) with CNG powertrains.

Besides, the auto major has unveiled four new LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles) to improve last-mile delivery efficiency and reduce operational cost.

It includes Ace with a petrol engine and Winger Cargo for the growing needs of e-commerce distribution.

Tata motors also unveiled five passenger commercial vehicles including buses for intra-city transportation requirements.

“The engines of infrastructure development, consumer consumption and e-commerce powering the Indian economy require continued transportation support to run seamlessly. “Being the leader in the commercial vehicles, we continue to deliver superior value propositions to customers by introducing smarter, future-ready products and services,” Tata Motors Executive Director Girish Wagh said.

The 21 new vehicles that the company is introducing today are designed to fulfil the evolving needs of the country’s economy and its growing demand for efficient transportation, he added.

“Every aspect of these vehicles has been purposefully augmented to cater to both varied duty cycles as well as special applications,” Wagh noted.

Incorporating the latest advances in technology, refined powertrains and upgrades in comfort and convenience, the vehicles are ideal to fulfil the customer needs of high vehicle utilisation for more revenue with lower costs for more profits, he added.

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