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Spice Money and Religare Broking To Help Rural Citizens With A New Campaign ‘Demat Zaroori Hai’

Spice Money has launched a digital TVC, Demat Jaroori Hai, that announces its partnership with Religare Broking Ltd. (RBL) to provide rural citizens with equitable access to investment opportunities, thus, taking a step further in bridging the rural-urban divide and augmenting financial inclusion. The TVC, Demat Jaroori Hai, highlights how rural citizens can get assistance to open a free of cost Religare Demat accounts from their nearest merchant or kirana store served by Spice Money Adhikaris, and the importance of these accounts as primary requisite for investments. The TVC, Demat Jaroori Hai, with its essence rooted in rural India, ties together the ground-level aspirations of a young Bharat, the ease of opening a Demat account, and the many financial opportunities and resultant financial prosperity that a Demat account can pave the way for.

The TVC, Demat Jaroori Hai, showcases a discussion among three friends outside a local shop. It highlights one of the three as financially more aware, with the know-how of Demat accounts and investment options. Through the discussion, he explains to the other two how investments are important and a Demat account is a primary requirement before investing in market-linked opportunities hence Demat Jaroori Hai. When the two friends ask how they can open a Demat account, he points them towards the store behind them, run by a local Spice Money Adhikari who tells them how anyone can now open a Religare Demat account, assisted by any Spice Money Adhikari, completely free of cost. The film concludes with the three friends talking about how with a plethora of investment options, a Demat account is the best possible way to start the journey towards financial prosperity. Demat Jaroori Hai.

Kuldeep Pawar, SVP & Head of Marketing, Spice Money said, “Spice Money is dedicated to being a part of the journey of financial inclusion that the country has set upon. With the ten lakhs strong Spice Money Adhikari network serving more than 18000 pincodes in India, we have now partnered with Religare Broking, one of the leading securities firms, to truly democratise the opportunity for investments. Our new digital TVC showcases this partnership and highlights how it will bring to the citizens of Bharat, a plethora of investment opportunities, hitherto available mostly to urban India, as we work towards our commitment in bridging the rural-urban divide.”

Ashley Almeida, Executive Vice President, Digital, Product, and Marketing, Religare Broking said, “We are delighted to join hands with Spice Money, a brand that has been leading the financial services revolution in rural India, to bring a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities to the last mile of the country. We firmly believe that this association will pave the way toward financial freedom for the rural citizens of India and contribute towards further financial inclusion.”


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