Senco Gold & Diamonds Enters the Metaverse with ‘Sencoverse’

Launches India’s first virtual jewellery showroom on the metaverse to connect with new-age customers; offers an end to end shopping experience

Senco Gold & Diamonds has embraced the swiftly evolving digital realm. They have inaugurated their inaugural virtual showroom, named ‘Sencoverse,’ within the metaverse. This groundbreaking venture marks India’s pioneering virtual jewelry showroom within the metaverse, intended to engage with contemporary customers and revolutionize their shopping encounters through tailored and seamless experiences.

Sencoverse  Sencoverse

Sencoverse, the technological marvel of Eastern India’s premier jewelry retailer, seamlessly blends technology and artistic finesse to animate the brand’s stunning jewelry within the digital domain. This groundbreaking endeavor delivers a complete shopping journey for customers, encompassing effortless exploration of the virtual showroom, selection of desired items, all the way to the delivery of chosen pieces to their doorstep.

Customers can access ‘Sencoverse’ from the comfort of their digital devices from anywhere by simply visiting and entering some basic information.

Sencoverse Sencoverse

Expressing his delight at the launch of this new initiative, Mr. Suvankar Sen, MD & CEO of Senco Gold & Diamonds, said, ‘The launch of Sencoverse marks a significant leap in our digital transformation journey and our commitment to offer exceptional and hassle-free shopping experiences to our valued customers. 

We believe that the digitally savvy millennials and Gen Z shoppers are the future of retail, and we want to be at the forefront of providing them with the personalized and convenient shopping experiences they want and need. With Sencoverse, we are confident that they will embrace this innovative way of shopping. This initiative is not only a testament to our commitment to innovation, but also a strategic move into the future of retail.’

Sencoverse offers an immersive, interactive, and gamified shopping experience. It allows customers to explore a meticulously designed virtual showroom, currently featuring a diverse collection of over 100 exquisite jewellery products. The showroom provides 360-degree views of jewellery items in stunning 3D detail, along with interactive features for zooming in on details and learning more about the products, enabling customers to experience the elegance of these finely crafted pieces in a whole new dimension. The showroom also has an integrated Try On feature, allowing customers to virtually try on jewellery items using augmented reality technology and visualize how each piece complements their appearance.

Commenting on this, Mrs. Joita Sen, Director and Head of Design & Marketing, Senco Gold & Diamonds, stated,We are excited to announce the launch of Sencoverse, India’s first virtual jewellery showroom on the metaverse. This is a major milestone in our journey to offer innovative services to our customers. Senco Gold & Diamonds is one of India’s most trusted brands, known for its craftsmanship and quality. We are proud to continue this tradition in the digital realm with Sencoverse. It currently showcases 100 of our exquisite products from the Everlite Collection and others, and we plan to expand our product range in a phased manner. On this special moment, we invite our customers to explore Sencoverse and experience the beauty of our jewellery in an entirely new way.’

As an engaging addition to the virtual shopping platform, Senco Gold & Diamonds has also announced a launch of a treasure hunt game within the platform. There are four missing jewellery pieces hidden throughout the Sencoverse. Users who can locate all four pieces will be rewarded with 500 Reward Points. These points can be redeemed at any Senco store for exciting discounts and offers.

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