Rapido Disrupts The Auto Segment With Zero Commission & Login Fees, Exclusively For The First 25k Delhi Captains

Rapido’s latest innovations for Auto Captains in Delhi go beyond the ordinary, introducing groundbreaking industry-first features. In addition to daily and weekly incentives, the platform extends exclusive benefits to auto captains, including Zero Commission and No Login Fees.

Disrupting the ride-hailing landscape, Rapido recently expanded its services by launching cab services and deploying a fleet of over 60,000 cabs in Delhi NCR. Renowned as India’s leading commute app, celebrated for its innovative and affordable bike, auto, and cab services, Rapido has now introduced groundbreaking features: Zero Commission and No Login Fees. Alongside these, the company is rolling out daily and weekly incentives for its auto captains in the national capital. With zero commission and no login fees, auto captains will directly receive what customers are paying. This will contribute to more transparency between Rapido and auto captains. The first 25,000 auto captains stand to benefit significantly from exclusive access to these advantageous features.

In an industry-first approach, Rapido sets itself apart by refraining from imposing any login fees and not charging INR 19 to INR 29 (excluding GST) per day from auto captains. Rapido ensures a more cost-effective and accessible experience for its partners.

Speaking about these industry-first features, Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder of Rapido, emphasized, “At Rapido, we are steadfastly committed to making mobility more affordable and maximizing the earnings of our valued Auto Captains. With zero commissions and no login fees, we believe Rapido has set a new standard in the industry, offering unparalleled benefits to our Auto Captains. We are confident that by empowering our Auto Captains with these advantages, they will deliver the best services to our customers.”

Rapido goes beyond conventional earnings by introducing additional daily and weekly incentives designed to maximize the earning potential for auto captains, enabling them to save more with every ride. This initiative aligns with Rapido’s commitment to driver welfare and creating an ecosystem where drivers can earn more while enjoying a host of benefits. From a business strategy perspective, the new incentives for the Auto Captains will help Rapido further strengthen its foothold in the auto-hailing services segment in the national capital.

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