Okaya Electric Vehicle Launches High-Speed E-Scooter Faast

Okaya Electric Vehicle on Friday said it has launched high-speed e-scooter Faast at an introductory price of Rs 89,999 (before subsidies) at the EV Expo 21 held at Greater Noida.

The company also announced the opening of bookings with an initial payment of Rs 1,999 through the Okaya EV website or at dealerships, it said in a release.

Besides, Okaya also showcased its upcoming e-motorcycle Ferrato, which is expected to be launched in the second quarter of FY22.

The IoT-enabled e-scooter offers a top speed of 60-70 kmph and a range of 150-200 km per charge, depending on usage. It comes packed with features and specs such as a 4.4 kW lithium phosphate battery, all LED lights, digital instrument cluster, daytime running lights and combi braking system, the company said.

“Okaya is fully dedicated to realise the vision of making India a 100 per cent EV nation. With the launch of our Okaya Faast, we have showcased our renewed commitment towards bringing innovative, low-cost but high-performance e-scooters to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the country,” said Anil Gupta, Managing Director, Okaya Power Group.

Okaya has already emerged as a key player in this segment, with creating the much required fast-charging infrastructure for these e-scooters, he added.

Faast, with its performance specs and features, has managed to hit the sweetest spot in the market, directly challenging its petrol scooter counterparts, the company said.

“Leading by example with fully made in India products instead of just assembled in India products, Okaya has emerged as a frontrunner in the e-scooter segment across the length and breadth of the country.

“With our exclusive ‘Okaya Faast e-scooters’ we are targeting the massive demand for high-performance EVs in the market in sync with changing preferences of the consumers,” said Anshul Gupta, Director, Okaya Power Private Limited.

The company also said that along with working on introducing high-spec e-two wheelers, it is also on track to becoming the fastest-growing domestic EV brand, having developed over 225 dealers across India in about six months of its inception.

“As the country’s energy fleet is fast changing to electric mode, there is high demand for EVs, and subsequently the demand for fast charging and affordable e-scooters is also growing.

“We look forward to capturing the major share of the emerging demand in the market, equally with fulfilling our commitment to our valued customers by delivering them state-of-the-art Okaya Faast e-scooters,” said Puran Singh Negi, AVP, Okaya EV.

Packed with a 2-kilowatt motor and 3-kilowatt battery, the to-be-launched Ferrato motorcycle will carry a top speed of 80-90 kmph while having a range of up to 100 km to the charge, as per the company.

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