Nexzu Mobility Unveils E-Cycle Bazinga Priced At Rs 49,445

Pune-based EV maker Nexzu Mobility has expanded its e-cycle range with the unveiling of ‘Bazinga,’ the commuter segment bike, priced at Rs 49,445.

The cargo version of the e-bike has, however, been priced at Rs 51,525, the company said on Friday.

The Bazinga brand of bikes are slated for launch next month, Nexzu Mobility said.

The customers, however, can pre-book the electric bicycle through the company’s e-commerce website and its social media handles.

The deliveries of the pre-booked bicycles will commence once the product is introduced in the market, Nexzu Mobility said.

Transforming the EV experience for customers, an in-house designed and developed unisex e-cycle, Bazinga comes with an extended range of 100km with a single detachable Li-ion battery.

It also boasts a solid and sturdy designed new cargo carriage with a 15 kg load capacity. The e-cycle is ergonomically designed for effortless hop-in and hop-out for riders, while the excellent aesthetics with digitally designed decals give it a new feel and look, the company said.

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