Nahak Motors Launches Exito Solo A 100% Made In India E-Moped

Nahak Motors, India’s number 1 e-mobility company today announced the launch of Exito Solo, 100% made in India e-Moped. Exito Solo is priced at Rs 85,999. The running cost of the e-Moped is only 25 paisa per Kilometre. Nahak Motors will start delivering it from April 2022.

Exito Solo from Nahak Motors is designed and developed to use in rural as well as urban areas in all road conditions. This e-Moped can carry upto 150 Kilogram weight. It has 48 v 30 AH battery that enables it to drive upto 80 Kilometres in one charge. It takes only 5 hours to get fully charged, and the charger plugs into a regular home power socket.

Speaking about the e-Moped, Dr. Pravat Nahak, Chairman, Nahak Group said, “We are India’s number 1 e-mobility Company, as we have the maximum variants of EV vehicles in India. The petrol and diesel prices are bound to rise even in the future. It is increasing the cost of mobility that affects the small businesses most. Realising the need of a cheaper mobility solution, we have launched Exito Solo, a 100% made in India e-Moped. It is in line with our Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. We are making it available in our showrooms pan India. However, one may even book it online from our website.”

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