Maharashtra Government Urges Hospitality Industry To Support State EV Policy

The Maharashtra government on Monday urged the hospitality industry to support the state’s EV Policy that aims to convert 15 per cent of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) fleet into electric vehicles by 2025.

“The state’s comprehensive EV Policy has been developed to fortify Maharashtra’s position as the leading destination for EV manufacturing and utilisation. With standard operating procedures (SOPs), infrastructure mandates, and incentivization, we look forward to the widespread acceptance of EV’s in the state,” state Tourism and Environment Minister Aaditya Uddhav Thackeray said after a meeting with Chalet Hotels.

The aggressive implementation of the Policy is critical and cannot be fully successful without support from the private sector, the minister said in a statement.

The minister on Monday met with Chalet Hotels which has committed to convert 100 per cent of its vehicular fleet to EVs by 2025, along with setting up of EV charging stations, across its portfolio hotels and commercial office spaces.

“Chalet Hotels has done some good work, and I encourage more corporates from hospitality as well as other industries to come forward with necessary interventions,” Thackeray added.

The primary objective of Maharashtra EV Policy 2021, which came into effect on July 23, is to accelerate the adoption of BEVs in the state so that they contribute to 10 per cent of new vehicles registrations by 2025.

“The hospitality sector has a history of building environmental awareness amongst guests, whether through encouraging linen reuse, water recycling or saving, amongst others. Hoteliers are today, in a unique position to stand out in an untapped market of EV’s by allowing guests to experience and potentially convert to them.

“We look forward to ably supporting with the Maharashtra government on further initiatives in the larger sustainability framework,” Chalet Hotels Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Sanjay Sethi added.

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