Goodness Of Naturals, Power Of Actives- WOW Skin Science’s Revamped Product Proposition

WOW Skin Science, India’s leading premium beauty and wellness brand, announced its revamped product proposition- ‘Activated Naturals’. This superior product platform is the result of extensive research conducted by the company into customer preferences and demands. It combines the safety of nature-backed ingredients with potency of advanced science-backed actives to address a variety of personal care needs of consumers.

According to a recent report by McKinsey & Company, the new age consumer is reshaping the beauty and personal care industry by demonstrating a strong loyalty to brands that align with their values and evolving preferences.  Given that  today’s millennial and gen Z consumer want products which are efficacious and show results quickly, WOW Skin Science understood that just natural products are insufficient to deliver results fast, and hence formulations need to be both – safe to use and yet highly efficacious.

Through extensive research and consumer validation, the product offerings of WOW Skin Science were reengineered to deliver on far better performance with new age formulations along with scientifically backed actives. The new range comprises innovative combinations such as Onion + Collagen, Rosemary + Biotin, Vitamin C + Niacinamide, ACV + Salicylic Acid, ACV + Olamine, and WOW Sunscreen with Aloe Vera, Glutathione, Calamine and Hyaluronic Acid. These new-age formulations provide high-performance solutions for a comprehensive beauty regimen across various needs, including hair care, skincare, and sun protection.

Our new Activated Naturals range is a breakthrough in beauty and skin care,” said, Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder, WOW Skin Science. “By harnessing the power of curated natural ingredients and combining them with cutting-edge scientific actives, we have formulated products that not only enhance your personal care routine but also deliver exceptional results, giving you the WOW effect you deserve. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative range to our customers, empowering them to achieve their specific beauty goals and embrace their healthiest, most radiant selves.”

On the launch, Mrunmay Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, WOW Skin Science expressed, “Based on robust customer research and feedback, we recognize that the power of nature-backed products alone isn’t always sufficient to achieve desired results. Therefore, each product in this new range is meticulously crafted by blending nature’s best with science-backed actives. This approach enhances the effectiveness of natural ingredients and showcases our commitment to delivering targeted, high-performance and at the same time safe personal care solutions.

The revamped WOW Skin Science offerings are now available across 20+ online marketplaces, as well as leading offline retailers like DMart and Reliance Retail, apart from 35,000 offline stores.

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