Family Feud Turns Violent: Sandeep Singh Hira Assaulted By Cousins Over Property Dispute

In a shocking turn of events, a family turned into a violent affair. Sandeep Singh Hira, a resident of Chandigarh sector 46 was attacked by his extended family over a legal battle.

The incident occurred when Hira was on his way to the nearby market to run errands. The attackers were Hira’s cousins namely Indemani and Honey Singh. According to the reports, the two are related to the victim and are sons of his maternal aunts, Kamlesh Bains and Sarabjit Sandhu.

The assault happened in ten background of the legal battle over property claims by the two families. The property dispute is pending before the court.

During the assault, the victim was pressured to sell off property or give up a claim.

The incident has caused the victim severe injuries and has shaken his faith in law and order.

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