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Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin’s Balvi Fund & ActiveBuildings Sign An MoU To Deploy Low-cost Air Cleaners, In Maharashtra And Karnataka

  • There is an initial investment of USD 1 million
  • The MoU aims to cover 600,000 sq. meters of indoor spaces, with 10,000 units of air cleaners in public places of Maharashtra and Karnataka
  • Deployment to focus on public spaces such as government hospitals, and schools that lack access to clean indoor air quality

In a bid to improve indoor air quality in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Vitalik Buterin led Balvi Fund and ActiveBuidings joined forces for the next one year to deploy  5000 Indoor Air Quality monitors measuring carbon dioxide emissions and 10,000 air cleaners to keep indoor air pollution in check and to collect real-world data on indoor air quality.

Balvi Fund has partnered with ActiveBuildings with an investment of 1 million USD for executing the following :

  • Deploy 5000 Indoor Air Quality monitors measuring CO2, where the devices will be connected to a cloud server and dashboard to show data in real-time.
  • In 1500 of these devices, ActiveBuildings will also add PM2.5 as a parameter for monitoring particle pollution and aerosol pollution as it is the most lethal air pollutant for human health.
  • Deploy another 10,000 low-cost air cleaners, inspired by Corsi Rosenthal* boxes, across the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka at critical locations of public importance.
  • This contract to deploy air purifiers and Indoor Air Quality monitors and gather data is the largest such project ever undertaken in any low-medium income country, and it will serve up to 1 million Indians
  • The deployment will focus on government hospitals, government schools that typically do not have the budget to spend on clean air.

According to a recent study by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), there are unsatisfactory levels of air pollution in 28 of the 73 sites(locations) that were monitored. The ambient quality of the air at these sites were classified as being in the “very unhealthy or worse” category. The worst sites were found in Mumbai, followed by Thane, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad and Raigad. These are all industrial regions that produce large quantities of pollution from automobiles, dust generated by the construction industry and factories.

Additionally, the same report suggested that Karnataka had the worst air quality in the whole of the south of India. It stated that polluted air was responsible for 95 deaths out of every 100,000 people. The national average is 90 per 100,000. Over 50 percent of deaths attributable to air pollution are younger than 70 years old.

Talking about the partnership, Abhinav Gupta, CEO at ActiveBuildings said, “We are glad to partner with  Balvi Fund in the movement to create awareness around the fact that clean indoor air is a fundamental requirement. With the help of this partnership, we intend to cover 600,000 sq. meters of indoor spaces, that will be protected with the help of  10,000 units of the Bubble CR boxes* to public spaces like schools, healthcare facilities etc. The idea to tap such areas is to ensure access to clean breathable air to every strata of the community.”

Adding to Abhinav, Vitalik Buterin said, “Covid is primarily an airborne disease, and one of the most powerful ways to fight Covid is to improve indoor air quality and reduce airborne transmission. Air filters are very effective at reducing airborne spread of Covid and other viruses, and work entirely in the background, and CO2 sensors can detect poor air quality and suggest when filtration or ventilation might be required. ActiveBuildings’ ambitious project in India will mass-manufacture and distribute monitors and air filters, paving a path toward making clean indoor air a standard in India much like clean water has become a standard in much of the world today.”

ActiveBuildings through this partnership plans to drive public dialogue in India highlighting the importance of clean indoor air quality as a necessity. They aim to :

  • Donate Bubble CR boxes to public spaces (schools, healthcare facilities etc) that cannot afford devices that curb aerosol pollution.

  • To cover 600,000 sq. meters of indoor spaces, with 10,000 units of air cleaners that are inspired by the Corsi Rosenthal boxes of international acclaim.

  • Provide 5000 units of RESET certified IAQ sensing devices to monitor, track and analyse the impact of Bubble CR boxes in the spaces where it is deployed.

  • Open-source the designs of Bubble CR boxes and a simple IAQ monitoring device to provide public access to critical tools that help fight aerosol pollution.

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