Cosmofeed Launches 1:1 Bookings Feature For Creator Interactions

Cosmofeed has announced the launch of its new 1:1 booking feature. This online scheduling tool will make it easier for creators and fans to interact with each other. It will also help to ensure sustainable monetization for creators.

Cosmofeed’s 1:1 bookings feature is designed to make it easier for content creators to create customised booking pages to optimise session scheduling and execution. The booking pages can be aligned with each content creator’s personal brand. The goal of this feature is to give creators control over session scheduling, availability, and the number of sessions they can book daily or weekly. It will allow them to configure and show a diverse range of sessions, such as consultations and coaching calls, as well as exclusive workshops for fans.

With its easy-to-use interface, creators can set up availability and allow fans to select the right times and dates for calls with their favourite creators. The brand believes that its USP is that creators have complete control over scheduling sessions. This structured scheduling not only allows them to manage their time but also ensures that their fans get unique and well-structured access.

Beta results show that if the 1:1 booking feature is used correctly, it can provide creators with a 300% return on investments. The Cosmofeed co-founder, Vivek Yadav, said, “The 1:1 Bookings feature is a strategic move towards enhancing the way creators connect with their audience. Our data shows a 30% increase in engagement and a 20% rise in revenue among beta users. We are looking at bookings as the future of creator-fan relationships, and it’s about both interaction and sustainable monetization.”

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