ATUM Charge Completes Installation Of 250 Universal Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Pan-India

Solar-powered EV charging solutions provider ATUM Charge on Tuesday said it has completed the installation of 250 Universal Electric Vehicle charging stations across the country in just six months.

Of the 250 stations, as many as 36 have been set up in Maharashtra, 44 in Tamil Nadu, 48 in Telangana, 23 each in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal, 15 in Uttar Pradesh, 14 in Haryana and 24 in Odisha, the company said in a statement.

The locations were chosen with the company’s strategy of focusing on Tier-I/II towns and cities in mind, as well as amid an encouraging rate of EV adoption in these states.

In the coming months, the company plans to expand into additional cities and states, it said.

The first such charging facility was set up by the company in Hyderabad in September last year.

The charging solution uses an electricity generating integrated solar roof, which enables the entire electric vehicle charging proposition for transition to 100 per cent solar, whereas conventional EV charging stations generate electricity using thermal power, putting an additional strain on the power grid, as per the company.

“With the launch of 250 ATUM Charge EV Charging Stations, we have renewed our pledge to support the EV ecosystem in the country. The steady phasing out of thermal power stations and replacing them with solar powered stations is our end goal.

“We aim for zero emissions, net zero facilities, a sustainable network, and a greener forever. Change has begun and the wheel is ours to steer,” said Vamsi Gaddam, Founder, ATUM Charge.

The company said it has currently installed 4-KW capacity panels that can charge up to 10-12 vehicles of all types — two, three and four-wheelers — per day, given that any EV takes at present 6-8 hours to charge fully.

The company will install an additional 6 KW capacity, allowing it to charge 25-30 vehicles per day, going forward, it added.

ATUM Charge is also partnering with various other charging station owners to supply them with ATUM solar roofs, thereby enabling a green power source, it said.

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