ElectronEV To Enter Domestic Electric Vehicles Segment

US-based ElectronEV on Monday announced its entry in the domestic electric vehicle space with plans to roll out electric commercial vehicles such as delivery vans, trucks and buses.

The company said it is looking to cater to both the B2B and B2C markets with its products and end-to-end mobility solutions.

ElectronEV already has a fleet of over 500 electric commercial vehicles running in the United States, it said.

The company is bringing in services such as customised EVs, vehicle and fleet management solutions, digital cockpit and IoT solutions as well as charging infrastructure with its foray in the fast-growing Indian market, ElectronEV said in a statement.

“India is emerging as the largest and fastest growing market for the electric vehicles and our products will cater to the demand in B2B and B2C segments. We plan to introduce the company’s proprietary EV technology through its products and end-to-end mobility solutions for markets like India, South East Asia, Australia, and Europe,” Rakesh Koneru, Founder of ElectronEV, said.

The company said it is looking to address areas such as the limitation in battery technology, high capital expenditure, EV prices, availability of charging infrastructure, time taken to fully charge an EV through its modular, heavy duty battery with adaptive chassis and software-driven powertrain.

It will adopt a manufacturing strategy of setting up micro-factories in conjunction with a modular technology stack, the company added.

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